The Tiller Thriller - The
' / KZHE 200 World Championship Rotary Tiller Race !

If there is one thing the PurpleHull Pea Festival is known for - besides peas - it's the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race.

The good folks at and KZHE are the sponsors of the race this year.  The track is 200 feet in length, so we refer to it as the " / KZHE 200 World Championship Rotary Tiller Race."

Begun as a lark at the very first PurpleHull Pea Festival in 1990, it has evolved into a monster.

There simply is no other event like it.  Unique among motor sports, we like to say it is the highlight of the tiller racing season.

'Course, to the best of our knowledge, our one-day event is the tiller racing season.

Souped-up garden tillers from near and far come to compete in the world's premiere tiller racing event.

There are several racing categories.

 There are also some rules which have become a necessity.  In fact, after the Great Tiller Racing Controversy of '93, the festival created the World Tiller Racing Federation specifically to address the issue of rules and proper running of the race.

For instance, an officially sanctioned tiller track is 200 feet in length.  Racers - or tiller pilots, as they are sometimes called - must wear shoes.  (Yes, some weren't.)

The 2017 tiller race rules will be the same as the 2016 rules.  They can be viewed by clicking on Tiller Race Rules.

The 2017 application is now online.  Download the 2017 Tiller Race application by clicking here.

  Check the rules for specifics on each category.

Interested in racing? Download the Tiller Race Application, as well as the rules, and come to Emerson on June 27.

If you want to see a motor race you'll never forget, be sure to be in Emerson, Arkansas, June 24, 2017.

You won't regret it.

See you there!

Other Tiller Info:

We have other attractions at the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race.  Check out the Tiller Girls.

Click on tiller audio to hear an audio wav file of KZHE's Dave Sehon calling a previous World Championship Rotary Tiller Race (362K).

We became a true "world" championship race in 1995.  Read about our first international tiller racer, Dominique Niessen, of Holland.

2017 Tiller Race Rules  


Rick Waller of Emerson, Arkansas, was one of the pioneers of the sport of garden tiller racing.  Here he is seen in a photo from 1994 with his alcohol-burning tiller "Digger II," which, at one time, was the world's fastest garden tiller.




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