Glen Eades' column in the Magnolia Banner News:

June 16, 1990

Bubba Earl's Job Search, Plus Festival Information

   After Bubba Earl got out of the hoosegow Friday morning, he walked into Brister before daybreak and made such a commotion that he scared the guineas and chickens off their roost in the gum tree; and he demanded we drive him to Kerlin to look for a job.  He seemed powerful nervous about a confrontation with a judge while he described a rowdy patron at a roundhouse near Haynesville who attempted to wrap a jug of pickled eggs around his neck while he danced.  Then he went on about how he had to commence paying for damages that week.  We had heard they were hiring at Kerlin, so after Billy Joe and I made some calculations, we advised Bubba Earl of a practical way to settle those damages that would not place us in the awkward posture of refusing a job on account of the awful weather.

   After Bubba Earl calmed down from his state of excitement, we slept until noon, watched some daytime TV drama and listened to Billy Joe compare our government to Castroís Cuba, because he didnít like what he heard about deputies destroying his friendís cash crop near Emerson a few weeks ago.  The pair agreed that deputies in Magnolia should mind their own business and stay out of other folkís woods before the Soviet ambassador hears about it and charges our government with human rights violations.

   Tommy Butler ran out of festival T-shirts and had to order more.  The demand far exceeded the anticipated sales of shirts.  Shirts may be purchased at Buzz-Buy or from Purplehull Committee persons.

   Class reunions, many vacationing relatives and tiller race fans are expected on festival day.  Ludine Smith, Linda Mullins, Herbert Evers and friends made a highway banner.  Community cooks who will prepare peas, cornbread, and other country delights are making plans.  There is an aura of excitement at the Tuesday and Thursday meetings.

   Herbert Evers wishes to welcome all farmers, gardeners and fresh vegetable shoppers to the festival.  There is no fee to farmers selling fruit and vegetables.  Parking space will be provided.

   The Purplehull Queen nominations ended on June 13, and a list of candidates was published in the Banner News.  The voting will be June 18-22.  The queen must be over 60 and reside in the Walkerville-Emerson-Atlanta area.  The queen will be elected by popular vote determined by Walkerville, Atlanta and Emerson residents.  Voting will be by letter, either mailed or brought to the Emerson City Hall.  One vote per letter is allowed, and the letter must bear a return address.  The votes will be counted and the queen will be announced at a reception for queen candidates at the Emerson Community Center on June 22.  Alternates will be selected, and princesses (all queen candidates) will ride in the parade on June 23.

   Bubba Earl and Billy Joe will be at the festival to greet everyone and auction pies for the Ladies Auxiliary.  Bubba Earl has suggested that patrons bring a folding chair.

   Debbie McNiel hit a large deer while returning from a festival meeting recently.  Debbie was slightly injured and the van sustained some damage.  Debbie is a hard worker for games and other activities for children who will attend the festival.

   Bicycle riders are encouraged to join the parade.  There will be horses and wagons, and antique car owners are encouraged to ride their vehicle in the parade.

   The winner of the championship tiller race will be awarded $100 and a trophy.  Second and third place winners will receive trophies.  Rules apply to tine driven tillers only.  No wheeled tillers will be allowed in the race.  Plows and attachments must be removed before racing.



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