Glen Eades' column in the Magnolia Banner News:

June 28, 1990

Bubba Earl Considers a Move to Emerson;
Tommy Eats a Horsefly;
and Festival Results

   While Bubba Earl was in Emerson for the festival, he liked the town well enough to inform Mayor Mullins that he will move his trailer house to Emerson in the fall.  When I asked him why he didn’t move it to our place in Brister, he told us we did not have enough automobile bodies, fenders, used tires, and hoods to accommodate a trailer house.  He asserted that a car body landscape is appealing and practical because it provides guest rooms when company comes; and he said aluminum siding and insurance peddlers, bill collectors and prowlers avoid his yard like a plague.  With help from Tommy Butler, the only real estate person in town, Bubba Earl is considering at least two solutions at Emerson.

   On Wednesday, Tommy told us he may get sick following his ingesting a large horsefly while he was running.  Tommy and the horsefly had other plans when the incident occurred, and it is reported to have ruined the whole day for both.  Linda Mullins said, “Horseflies have been bad this year, but I don’t think it helped for Tommy to eat just one of them.”  Anyway, Mayor Mullins dispatched a crew to spray the varmints so we could enjoy the festival.

   Mark, the city worker who drives the bush hog was sick for a few days following a wasp sting to his face.  Mark and other workers had a long day during the festival.

   John Cary, reporter for the Banner News, was the master of ceremonies for the Purplehull Festival entertainment.  We could not have done better.  John was a hit with the children who performed onstage, because he was capable of providing a relaxed atmosphere, which allowed performers to do their best.

   Billy Joe and Bubba Earl ran into a little trouble during a pie auction where the pair decided to become pastry gladiators.  Local talent, cloggers, Steve Reeves Band and the Sam, The Humana Senior Performers, Emerson and Brister church choirs, Tarrah McNiel, and Pirate Pride entertained in the school auditorium Saturday.

   The parade, led by Grand Parade Marshall Thomas Talley, featured Purplehull Festival Queen Boyd Green, the Emerson princesses, riding clubs, a few politicians and Riders of The Purple Hull.  Columbia County deputy sheriffs provided safety during the parade, and officers were around all day.  Magnolia Deputy Sheriff Jerry Walsh returned to Emerson with his lovely wife, Linda, for the Saturday night barbecue.

   The National Tiller Drag Race was won by Jason Hines.  The race was played back on television Saturday night.  The race is expected to gain more national exposure.  Mike Ingram, a Buzz-Buy, Inc. executive, provided the purse for the winners.  Handsome trophies were awarded, and the race is expected to become an annual event.  Globetrotting tiller pilots will be invited to the 1991 Purplehull Festival.

   So many out of state guests were present for the festival.  We neglected making arrangements for guest registration for a mailing list.  Perhaps they will return next year and give us another chance.  The event was homecoming for many of our former classmates and teachers, and subsequently, many states were represented.  Dr. Ben Warren represented Cedar Hill, Texas, during his visit.


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