Glen Eades' column in the Magnolia Banner News:

July 12, 1990

Bubba Earl Buys a Vehicle
& Loses in Love

   Shortly after Bubba Earl fell in love with a Texas beauty queen at the Clairborne Club one night last week, he rushed to Brister to inform us of his intent to drive his fiancée to Memphis for a visit at Graceland.  So Billy Joe and I accompanied him to several area used car lots and waited for his decision among several “classics.”  When Bubba Earl found the car he considered in his price range, he paced around it a few times, positioned his mouth like LBJ did just before he was about to say, “My feller Americans,” and offered the salesman $25 down.

   The car was real nice, except for a missing grill and a smokey exhaust which obscured visibility for drivers behind us; but Bubba Earl was all smiles as we surged down the highway toward Brister.  The proud owner of a rare automobile, Bubba Earl washed and polished his gem and was real fussy about anyone touching the vintage paint.  On our way to Emerson the next day, what the car salesman referred to as a “little jewel just barely broke in,” developed fatal engine trouble.  The next morning, the lady-in-waiting grew a little impatient with her new found love, and she was last seen near the state line talking to a melon hauler headed north.

   For several days, Bubba Earl listened to songs about lost love and broken hearts, and heard my cousin Billy Joe add more grief with a dissertation on the capricious ways of women; until Bubba Earl got enough of it, grabbed a pen and paper, and went to Emerson to find someone to write a grievance letter to the governor about Stalinist used car dealers and watermelon haulers.

   Except for the romantic interlude, our attention has been focused on our pea patch and garden.  We picked peas, corn, okra and dug potatoes.  Emerson got a quarter-inch rain Tuesday, but Brister remains dry.  Lillian Roden canned pickles and froze peas.  Mary Frances reports that her pea patch is doing well.  There have been no reports on Herbert’s showcase garden lately.

   Bennie F. Dodson and Robert Roden were luncheon guests at the Jack Roden home last Sunday.  Karol Williams visited at the Dodson home on Monday, and Miss Effie and Mary Frances visited Viola Tooke at Shongaloo Tuesday.  I saw Miss Viola at the Purplehull Festival and she complained about me jumping up and down on a water well cover when I was three.  The Dodsons stayed home for the 4th.  Mary reported the weather being too hot for fireworks.

   Miss Lucy Joiner celebrated her 4th of July with a 94th birthday.  Dorwin Young and Mary Frances helped Miss Lucy celebrate by delivering a holiday feast to her.  Joyce Young’s house guest last weekend was Kitty Stocks of Cabot.  Mary Lee Yates traveled to Ruston and visited Juanita Barnette last week.  Linda and Joe Mullins’ wedding anniversary was Sunday, July 1.

   Mayor Mullins of Emerson remarked, “I think we are winning the war with the horseflies; several battles have been fought.”  Recent applications by the city bug sprayer have reduced insect pests to a tolerable level, but more applications are expected.

   The Purplehull Festival Committee will meet soon to discuss the 1991 festival.  Some minor changes will be made to improve the activities regarding contests.  At least two classes of tillers have been proposed for the National Tiller Race.  A bigger purse is expected, all tiller pilots will be awarded a prize, and efforts will be made to register participants.  The Purplehull Queen will be selected again by popular vote following a nomination by a loved one.  Again, the contestants will be over 60.  A number of proposals regarding the contest are expected.  A minimum voting age has not been determined, but children are expected to be eligible to vote.

   The Purplehull Festival Committee will sponsor a program of entertainment for all ages during the 1991 festival, and staged events will be similar to the 1990 show.  A larger crowd is expected, new attractions will be added, and the arts and crafts show should double in size.  The festival farmers market will get more attention; many people were disappointed in not finding purplehulls for sale.



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